Hell has passed away … rest in grind

After the headache fades away I have to say every show we had at From Hell Erfurt was like a home coming for us and thats because of the awesome organizer, the awesome bands and the awesome audience.

Nachdem die Kopfschmerzen verblassen muss ich sagen: jeder Gig den wir im „From Hell“ Erfurt hatten ist wie Zuhause anzukommen. Und das weil der Veranstalter großartig ist, die Bands großartig sind und dank dem großartigen Publikum. 

… den Rest könnt Ihr Euch mit Google Translator  übersetzen 😛

Thanks to Frank from „From Hell“ , the hell crew: Marlis, Maik, Dar Lange (I am sure I have left one …) 

Thanks to the Bands:

Verstärker Tot (Amp Killer or also knowed by Aplifier of death) to replace Caca De Luna on the fly.

Gutalax for learning me some chech words like Hovna (sorry don’t know if I have spell it right, Miro xD ). Martin send me a box of Budvar please! 😛

Blood our (God)Bloodfathers of Grind

Gut our (God)Pornfathers of Grind

The awesome audience for supporting us and extreme metal scene … see you next time. Special Thx to Flori, Boby, Hülse, Mario&Isa, Toni, Just,  all I have forgot …



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